the way

you work

What is reWork?

Rework is a simple and easy way to connect people and define a new way of working for the present time.

Reconcile your work with your life, that is Rework.

What do you need?

I need work

I need staff

Job matching done right!

The new way of work means a change of control from the employer to the employee. The employee wants to decide when and where to work. It’s the age of “smart” working, where you are in control of your own time. Work from 9 to 5 is over . No more assumptions that work can only be done in the usual daytime at the usual workplace.


Rework is a H2H (Human to Human) platform that helps you decide when and where to work. Using real-time AI to generate matching algorithms, Rework will get the perfect match for your search. Personalize the way you work. Use Rework.

Increase your productivity

Find the best available talent

Communicate in real time

Start using it straight away

Five reasons why
You should use ReWork

  • ReWork is like Uber or AirBnB for jobs. It’s amazing!
  • A single App for employers and employees.
  • 100% free for employees, really small fees for employers.
  • Create your own contact list and manage your favorites.
  • Search by location, specialty and availability.

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